We handle many different types of plumbing design, installations and disaster recovery. Here are some of the questions our customers frequently ask.

What is a manifold in a heating system?

A manifold is the hub of a heating system – it distributes water throughout the building. It provides a central place to connect both your supply and return lines. Supply water from the heat source enters the manifold and circulates hot water throughout the system.

What is an oil boiler/ oil central heating system?

An oil central heating system works in a similar way to a gas-powered system, but instead of using a gas, the boiler uses oil as fuel to heat water. This provides the central heating via radiators and hot water through the taps in your home.

What is radiator sludge?

Radiator sludge is a mix of rust and dirt that builds up in your radiators over time. As well causing cold spots on radiators, it also reduces the flow of hot water through your central heating system, causing inefficiency and an increase in your household energy bills.


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