Power Flushing


Have you cold spots on your radiators?

Radiator Thermostat
If your central heating system is quite old, it may not be working as efficiently as it could be.

Radiator sludge can pipes and block radiators, causing your central heating system to work harder. This causes your energy bills to be higher and potentially damages key components of your central heating system such as the boiler, heat pump or valves.

Power flushing sends liquid through your central heating to dislodge and remove debris and sludge – cleaning and maintaining it. Fresh water and inhibitor is then added back into your system to prevent rust.

If you have cold spots on your radiators or have some rooms where the radiators seem to be hardly working at all, you may need to power flush your central heating system, in which case give us a phone on 013398 83206 – we’d be very happy to do this for you.