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Top 5 plumbing maintenance hints and tips

We understand that sometimes things can go drastically wrong and we are on hand to help with any plumbing or heating emergencies. Some disasters can be prevented though. Have a look at our top 5 plumbing maintenance hints and tips. They may help!

Do not pour cooking oil or fats down the drain
They may solidify and block the drain!

Check your clothes for small objects before putting them in the washing machine
This reduces the risk of coins, keys, memory sticks and other small objects getting stuck in a drain pipe and block it, so the water doesn’t drain. This also reduces the chance of the glass being shattered in a front-loading washing machine.

Use a strainer in your sink
This can collect hair and soap in the bathroom and food debris in the kitchen, all of which can potentially cause drain blockages. Strainers can be used to catch your wedding ring as well!

Know where the stop valve for your incoming water is
In case you have a split or bust pipe that’s causing a flood. Also check now and again that the stop value is working properly.

Move small items away from the toilet when young children are visiting your home
You don’t want small hands accidentally causing things to fall into the toilet bowl and potentially cause a clog.