Underfloor Heating


For when you need underfloor heating in your home or office.

Underfloor Heating
About our Underfloor Heating Service

With rising energy prices and increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions, the way we are heating our homes is changing. New products are coming onto the market to offer highly efficient and more environmentally friendly ways to heat the home.

We design and install warm water underfloor heating systems, which pump water from a heat source along pipes under the floor, providing your house with efficient, controllable heat and optimal comfort in every room.

Benefits of underfloor heating include :

1. Efficiency : energy savings of 15-50% can be achieved with underfloor heating, depending on the application.

2. Control : You can set room temperatures at what you want and when you want it.

3. Maximum floor space : As the heating is under your floor, there are no radiators on the wall and no floor space taken up by wood burning stoves etc. This not only gives you back room space, it also gives you absolute freedom with your interior layout, allowing you to position furniture wherever you want.

If you’d like underfloor heating in your new home, please phone us on 013398 83206 and we can arrange a visit to discuss options.